FC Andorra offers a discount due to the league’s cancellation

After 21 years, FC Andorra has returned to Segona divisió B, and Prada de Moles has dressed up for the occasion thanks to the presence of their fans on the stands. The team has gotten stronger at home along the weeks thanks to the support of their fans that, since the first moment, have been a key factor on the well acting of the team. 

For a team like FC Andorra, that has begun this new stage at Segona divisió B with huge ambition, it’s very important to share this ambition and ilusion with their fans. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, the competent authorities have been obliged to cancel the league definitely with no option to resume it. 

The club has been considering different options to compensate the season ticket fans for the games that have been cancelled. For this reason, FC Andorra has decided to apply a discount of a 25% for the 20/21 season’s membership to this year membership holders. For those who don’t want to renew their membership, they would be able to attend the first three league matches free of charge.