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First Team

Ferran Costa: "We have to find the balance between full energy and calm"

The first team manager, Ferran Costa, spoke to the media in the preview of the crucial game that will face Andorra against Racing de Santander, a match that will open the 37th round of LaLiga Hypermotion.

#ParauladeMíster | Pre-match vs Racing

"We have a game at home, with our people and we need them. We have to be together and push together. Against Espanyol we felt them very close and that gives us an extra boost. We are aware of the difficulty of the match because we are facing a great team, who has the ideas very clar and has very decisive players for the category, but together we are stronger. We need the warm of our people and we will give it back by giving our all on the field"

"I expect a match where we transmit this energy and desire to do things well, but at the same time also serenity and a good mentality. We have to find the balance between energy and the desire to do things well so that our people are happy and enjoy the team, but also doing everything that brings us closer to winning. I expect a game of maximum demand against a great opponent, but we have to deal with this emotional balance between determination and imposing ourselves from of the game"

"We can't take care of what others are doing. We want to be the ones who achieve the goals on our own merits, to be able to accumulate merits and reduce the mistakes that keep us away from winning"

"Our focus is totally on us because there is nothing we can do with what others are doing. I see the team with a very good level of daily work and I really want people to see a team that transmits and that knows what it has to do".

"For us, playing at home is very important. It is where we work every day and in front of our people, for whom we give our all on a daily basis... It is essential that we feel it, that we all together understand that there will be moments of difficulty and demanding situations. We have to be very stable and we have to be clear about what we want our people to feel. Playing at home is essential."

"We knew that the challenge was of the utmost demand, that we were going against the clock... But internally I found the feeling of facing the matches always prepared because you know that the people who will compete will be ready to give everything and the level of attention will be maximum."