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Terms and Conditions

Law 20/2014 of 16 October, regulating electronic procurement and operators that develop their economic activity in a digital space is an internet domain that belongs to Football Club Andorra, S.A.O.E. (hereinafter referred to also as 'FC Andorra'), with address at C/ Pau Casals 6, 2n 2a d'Andorra la Vella, registered in the register of companies with number 18548, book s-290, folios 481 to 490.

These General Conditions of Sale are valid from 01/02/2021 and will refer to the products purchased at the time these conditions were available, then all their provisions will remain effective until notification of a modification or updating thereof.

These terms and conditions refer to the purchase of season tickets of the football club and the purchase of products related to it.

Anyone who purchases the service through the page is considered a user, assuming that the customer may or may not be the beneficiary of the service, depending on whether the customer makes personal use of the subscription or product. If it is not the person who acquires the subscription or product, we will refer to the beneficiary as: beneficiary or user.

A User who makes a purchase through the web page must be of legal age and have the legal capacity to acquire the services and/or products offered through and affirms that he or she comprehends and understands the general terms and conditions in their entirety.

In accordance with the provisions of article 25 and 32 of law 20/2014 of 16 October, regulating electronic procurement and operators that conduct their economic activity in a digital space, the following points are stated:

i) The general conditions will be incorporated by a reference at the time prior to the completion of the contract and both the documentation relating to the formalisation of the contracts and the general conditions will be available to the user from the moment the contract is concluded.

ii) The user will be able to access the documents in which he or she appears as a party by making a request addressed to:

The acceptance of These general conditions of sale by the User will be an indispensable requirement in order to formalise any contractual relationship between the User and FC Andorra.

FC Andorra reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate without prior notice, both to the website and to these general conditions. Changes that affect the essential elements of the contracting conditions will not be applicable to the contracts already stipulated unless the customer expressly accepts the introduced modifications.



FC ANDORRA: football club located in Andorra la Vella.

GCU: General Conditions of Use set out in this contract and which are applicable, without restriction or limitation, to all the Services proposed by FC Andorra.

Services: refers to all the services, paid or free, available to Users of the web platform.

Web Platform: application in the website environment of under the name of FC Andorra.

User: Internet user of legal age to enter into binding contracts and over 18 years of age, who will be the one that makes the purchase.

Beneficiary: the user of the subscription / product purchased on the web.

Party(ies): means FC Andorra and the Client.


NOTE: these are the general conditions. The user undertakes to read and accept the specific conditions indicated in the contracting process. 


1.1. Season passes

1.1.1. Pre-registration

The User can request season tickets for him/herself or other beneficiaries through the section 'Members' on the website by performing the following steps:

When entering the tab 'Members' you will find a link that will redirect you to the season ticket purchase platform where you will have to create a username based on your email address. The User is responsible for the veracity of all the data provided. From here, you will be given the option to choose a seat and the type of pass; you will have to fill in all the information required - full name, date of birth, ID number and email address – and make the payment through a secure payment gateway. Once the purchase has been made, you will receive the digital subscription to the provided email address.

For any issue or query, the User can send an email to the address


1.1.2. Membership cancellation

The subscription contract will be subject to the payment for it. If the User does not pay (according to the payment methods specified in point 1.1.1) the mode chosen after pre-registration or in subsequent seasons, he or she will lose all his or her rights and obligations as a subscriber of FC Andorra.


3.1. Requirements to be a User 

To be a User of the web platform you must:

i) Be at least of legal age to hire under the specific legislation that applies to you. The minimum age will be 18 years.

ii) Have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.

iii) Fill in the mandatory fields of the season ticket purchase or product purchase form.

iv) Your contract must not have been terminated due to misuse.

The User guarantees the authenticity and veracity of the information provided and undertakes to keep it updated through their User Account.


3.2. Purchase form/mandatory information 

To carry out the process of purchasing services/products and, in particular, to complete the purchase form, it is mandatory for the User to provide the following information:

Full name. Address (street, city, province, postal code). Company (optional). Email address. Contact number. Beneficiary data (in case of subscription)


3.3. Club entry requirements 

FC Andorra reserves the right of admission. The holder of the season ticket or ticket undertakes to comply with the Internal Regime Regulation that governs the use and access of the Club facilities and to comply with the requirements and security conditions of the site. FC Andorra is not responsible for improper use of the facilities.

Persons under 18 years of age are forbidden to enter the premises unless they are accompanied by an adult.

The pass/entrance holder undertakes to respect the facilities, and not to eat, drink or smoke inside (except in the areas authorised for this purpose). The entry of animals is also prohibited, with the exception of guide dogs.

In accordance with the Law, the season ticket/ticket holder authorises FC Andorra to carry out the checks or records of persons and belongings necessary to verify that the access conditions are met.

FC Andorra will not be held responsible for losses, thefts, deterioration, damage or harm caused to the user or their personal belongings during the stay at the venue.

For any issue or query, the user can contact, call on 376 833 720 or visit the offices of FC Andorra.


A) The prices of FC Andorra season tickets and products are those listed on the Website at the time the User places the order. In accordance with the applicable law, the price of the services/products includes the price and its corresponding IGI (sales tax) if applicable.

B) The payment for the order can only be made with a bank card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express card), stating in the section provided for this purpose, the card number and the date of validity, as well as its control code located on the back of the card. The total amount of the order will be deducted from the bank card on the day of the order. FC Andorra reserves the right to suspend the processing of the order in the event of rejection of the payment authorisation by the bank. FC Andorra guarantees the confidentiality and security of the customer's bank data transmitted through the website when placing the order [secure entry by SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer technology)].

FC Andorra reserves the right to add promotions for users, individually or in collaboration with external entities. In any case, these promotions will be specifically announced on the Website or by other means, and the particular conditions and their duration will be indicated.

FC Andorra reserves the right to change the Season Ticket Rates and product prices at any time. Price changes will not affect orders placed prior to the price change date.


Except for manifest error, the burden of proof rests with the User, the data stored in the FC Andorra databases have the value of proof with respect to the orders made.

Data on a computer or electronic medium regularly kept constitute admissible and challengeable evidence in the same terms and with the same probative force as any written document received and kept.

FC Andorra will deliver the proof of purchase of the reservation and the general contract conditions by sending it to the email address provided by the purchaser at the user's request.


Any request for information, especially regarding the purchase, refund, exchange or operation of the Services, should be directed by email to the following correspondence address: or


In the event that any of these provisions is declared void or considered non-binding, the validity of the other provisions of the General Conditions of Sale will not be affected.


8.1. Obligations of Users

By signing up for the services, Users undertake to:

i) Make truthful and factual statements.

ii) Comply with the regulations in force and not infringe public order.

iii) Respect intellectual or industrial property rights.

iv) Not commit criminal offences of defamation or libel, not make statements that involve racial or any other kind of discrimination, or condone war crimes or crimes against humanity.

v) Act in accordance with morality and good customs and in particular not disseminate content of a pornographic or exhibitionist nature.

vi) Not pass on to third parties or other users the passwords and other confidential codes that allow access to the User Account Services.

vii) Not to use any computer program, application, interface or the help of third parties to interfere in communication with other users of the web platform (the credibility of the web platform is based on the veracity of communications).

viii) Not to transmit or disseminate the content of the communications and messages that have been sent to the User through the Services made available thereto.

iv) Not to harm the Services or the web platform.


8.2. Responsibility of Users

Users are solely responsible for the use of the data they consult, request or disclose on the web platform.

In particular, users are responsible for the publication of their data and the data of the other persons, who expressly consent to the use of their respective data.

Users undertake to hold harmless and, where appropriate, to indemnify FC Andorra from any penalty, fine, compensation, harm or loss arising from any claim of any kind or nature that may arise, directly or indirectly, from breach of legal and/or contractual obligations arising from the GCUs that are attributable to the User.

FC Andorra does not control the external sites and sources (web pages, forums, social networks, devices or apps, etc.) to which the hypertext links placed online on the web platform lead and is not responsible for their content. In this regard, Users are invited to stop following the link and alert FC Andorra if it is discovered that a hypertext link directs them to a Site or an external source whose title or content is in breach of the law.

The fact that FC Andorra does not state the breach by the Users of the GCUs cannot be interpreted as a waiver on its part to state such a breach in the future.

In short, the user is solely responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the data provided and for any damage it may cause to user companies or third parties due to the use of the services offered.


9.1. FC Andorra's obligations

FC Andorra undertakes to offer Users an online service in accordance with the laws and to perform mediation services with the utmost professionalism and diligence, in addition to the other commitments contained in these conditions.


9.2. FC Andorra's liability

FC Andorra is not liable for cases of fraud, identity theft or other criminal offences, as well as attacks on the image or private life of third parties committed by the Providers or the Users through the web platform and the Services.

In general, FC Andorra is not responsible for the information provided by the Providers or, in general, the users, nor for its veracity, authenticity, or accuracy, whether provided directly or through other subscription media.

Neither is it responsible for the data shared by the user through this or other social networks unrelated to FC Andorra, even if the web platform provides links to make this type of posting.

In general, it is the user who guarantees that all the personal information provided is accurate and up-to-date in a way that truthfully reflects the user's current situation. It is the user's responsibility and obligation to keep their data up to date at all times, the user being solely responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the data provided on the web platform and for any damage it may cause to the platform or to third parties due to the use of the services offered by FC Andorra.

FC Andorra may retain any type of content related to possible, breaches of the law especially to report this to the relevant authorities. Moreover, it will retain the data of users who deregister, in compliance with current regulations on the protection of personal data or any applicable regulations.

FC Andorra does not guarantee that the Services will function in the event of interruption of the User's Internet access or in the event of non-operation or poor access conditions caused by Internet network congestion, as well as for any other reason of force majeure not attributable to FC Andorra or its service providers.

FC Andorra is not responsible for the services offered and operated by contracted airlines or accommodation. All of them are responsible for the provision thereof, and have the necessary licences and insurance for this.

FC Andorra will not be held responsible for non-compliance caused by force majeure or fortuitous circumstances, whatever their nature. However, it will provide assistance in the event that the traveller experiences difficulties for the smooth completion of the trip.


Every user has a right of access, rectification, portability, right to be forgotten and erasure of their personal data by contacting FC Andorra via the following email address:

By accepting the content of these Terms and Conditions, the User grants FC Andorra express consent to the processing of the personal data provided.

The personal data obtained will be used exclusively by FC Andorra within the framework of this contract. Users who accept these Terms and Conditions may receive marketing and advertising offers from FC Andorra, which may be its own or from third parties. Users may at any time notify FC Andorra that they do not wish to continue receiving these marketing and advertising offers through the system it offers to unsubscribe, which will always be easy, accessible and free.

In order to communicate personal data of its users to third parties, FC Andorra will request their express consent in advance.

You can view our privacy policy at the following link:


10.1. Personal data collected by FC Andorra

When registering on the web platform, the User must provide several items of information in accordance with the art. 3.2 of the T&Cs.

This personal data may be public or private.

The following will be considered as personal data of a private nature and, therefore, as protected data:

Full name. Address (street, city, province, postcode, country). Gender. Identification document. Contact number. Date of birth. Email address. Bank account. Language. Type of subscription.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, portability, right to be forgotten, objection and, if applicable, cancellation, by communicating this in writing stating your data to FC Andorra at


10.2. Communications and Notifications

Any communication sent will be added to the information systems of FC Andorra.

By accepting these conditions, terms and policies and, especially, by sending their personal data to FC Andorra, the User expressly consents to FC Andorra carrying out the following activities and/or actions, unless the User indicates otherwise when contracting or subscribing to any product and/or services of FC Andorra or as a result of a subsequent revocation of the consent initially granted.

The sending of marketing and/or promotional communications informing users of the activities, gifts, services, promotions, advertising, news, offers and other information about the services and products related to the activity and provision of services of FC Andorra. In the event that the User has expressly consented to the sending of marketing communications by electronic means by subscribing to the newsletter, the sending of these communications by electronic means informing users of activities, services, promotions, advertising, news, offers and other information about the services and products of FC Andorra identical or similar to those that were initially contracted or of interest by the User. The retention of the data during the periods provided for in the applicable provisions.


11.1. Web platform rights

The logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts that appear on the web platform as well as all those elements necessary for the operation of the platform architecture, design, code pages, CSS pages, algorithms and any other element, may not be reproduced, used or represented, in any medium and by any technical means, without the express authorisation of FC Andorra, otherwise appropriate legal action will be taken.

The rights of use granted by FC Andorra to users are strictly limited to their private and personal use within the framework of the signed contract and throughout its duration. Any other use by users is strictly prohibited without the authorisation of FC Andorra.

Users are totally prohibited from modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, disseminating, transmitting, exploiting for marketing purposes and/or distributing in any way the Services, the pages of the web platform or the computer codes of the elements that make up the Services and the web platform.


FC Andorra reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, at any time and without prior notice to adapt them to new legislation or case law as well as to changes or practices in the economy or sector, taking into account at all times the users' legitimate interests, and the User should periodically consult these conditions, terms and policies in order to verify or ensure the existence of modifications or changes to them, taking the date of the latest update as a reference. All of the foregoing is without prejudice to the fact that any such changes shall not affect contracts that are already signed.


These General Conditions of Sale and the contract will be governed by the laws of Andorra.

According to Law 20/2014 of 16 October, regulating electronic contracting and operators that conduct their economic activity in a digital space, contracts concluded electronically like this one will be fully effective and are covered by the legal system, provided consent and the other requirements for its validity are met. These contract conditions are available to all FC Andorra Users without restriction and free of charge. Access to the contracting process is completely free, without any additional associated costs, apart from those of the Customer's having an Internet connection. The payment subscriptions offered are duly described on the website, which will always be available to customers, not including those matters which are not expressly indicated therein.

The contract is deemed concluded from the time the User presses the button "Place Order" or "Save" the pre-registration data of the subscription, on the understanding that the monitoring of all the phases of the electronic contract procedure and the inclusion of all the data requested, together with the final express acceptance of these conditions, constitute a clear and direct statement of the End User's willingness to accept these general contracting terms and conditions. FC Andorra, as a service provider of the Information Society, will store the electronic document in which this contract is executed in a durable medium. This electronic document will be accessible by the user through the link provided in the confirmation email, which can be printed.

In cases of civil contracting, that is to say, in cases where one of the contracting parties acts in the position of Consumer, the specific regulations for Consumer and User Protection will apply.

Consumers and users will be able to resolve any dispute in the relevant court with jurisdiction according to their place of residence or that of FC Andorra's registered office.

In the event that it is FC Andorra that takes legal action against a consumer, the courts of the jurisdiction of the said consumer's domicile will hear the case.

In all cases of trade contracting, the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Andorra.


In accordance with the provisions of the Decree of 07/08/2013 enacting the Regulations governing official complaint, claim and reporting forms in consumer matters, the User can access the form via this link: