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What is Empreses Tricolors?

Empreses Tricolors is a new initiative created by FC Andorra that was born with the aim of associating the club with companies and businesses in our country. In this way, from the tricolour entity we seek to promote joint growth and become a meeting point where to share experiences, knowledge and passion for Andorran sport.


What do we offer?

Football is an exciting sport with many followers. FC Andorra offers the companies that are part of its club to enjoy this excitement from within and that the ‘Empreses Tricolors’ project serves them as an opportunity to promote the development of their business.

VISIBILITY: Associating your company or business with the club can mean that it is recognized by a wider and more varied audience.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Joining this initiative will allow you to connect with the sports fan community in general and, more specifically, football and this will make them more identifiable with your business to generate more sales.

SOCIAL COMMITMENT: Supporting this initiative will allow you to collaborate in the development of sport and show commitment to the community, growth and well-being of the country.

ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIPS: Being part of ‘Empreses Tricolors’ will allow you to share experiences, interact and collaborate with other participants in the initiative.