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Ferran Costa: "I see the team with desire to rebel against the situation"

Aware of the importance of this week's match against a rival in the fight for permanence such as Albacete, tricolour coach Ferran Costa has assessed his team's options in the previous press conference.

#ParauladeMíster | Pre-match vs Albacete

"The week has gone well, the boys are working very hard, very conscientious in doing things well and responding to our people. We know that we have only five games to go and the most important one is on Sunday at home with our people. I can see the boys with the feeling that they are doing things well."

"If we look at just the last five games we see ourselves in a good position in terms of classification, with good numbers, with good stats, many minutes ahead on the scoreboard... This is the basis and we want to improve it to be even more competitive."

"It's clear that Sunday's game is very important. We're playing at home, which for us is a plus. On the last day the people didn't stop cheering under the rain and that helped us. It's clear that it's a very important game, there are few games left and I see the team sprinting, trying to make the most of each training session and wanting to rebel against the situation and the challenge ahead of us. We have been ahead in four of the last five games and we have that desire to raise our performances even more to add three points which is what we want and need".

"The team is generating a lot and not conceding many opportunities. We are trying to grow in everything: by attacking better, defending better, counterattacking better, by continuing to create danger from set pieces... the mentality is being good to look for excellence, which is what we need."

"We are working during the week also on a mental level to be stable because when we get to these situations where we have to find determination we focus as we need to and that for that it is essential to live the match action by action."

"If we look at the last five games they would be in second position; that means they are doing a lot of things right. They have improved in a lot of aspects. They are a team that transits very well, in attack they have the ability to give the ball quickly to the the four attackers to combine between them. They have danger on both wings with the full-backs and defensively they are being solid. But our focus has to be in our performance"