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First Team

Good feelings despite the defeat

Second defeat of the preseason in a game where the tricolors have gone from strength to strength. A first half dominated by Eder Sarabia's side and a second half where Girona came out more plugged, tipped the balance for the Girona people in the match that closes the Andorrans' preseason with a quite positive balance.

Although Girona had control of the ball during the first minutes of play, the chances were put by Andorra. A shot from Alvaro Martin - who was making his debut as a starter - warned of what would be the next leg of the match. Tricolors' dominance that almost transformed with the first of the match, but Migue's shot went too cross. Later, Pastor enjoyed the best chance at the exit of a corner and before facing the dressing rooms, a good combination between Pampín, Álex Calvo and Migue almost ended with a goal from the latter.

Just as happened in the match two weeks ago in Vall d'en Bas, Girona made Andorra uncomfortable on the resumption and on one of the first occasions of the locals, Jastin (53') scored an assist from Yan Couto. The goal hurt Andorra, who saw every Girona attack in constant danger. With the early changes, it looked like the tricolors were back in position, including with a clear chance from rookie Xiao Ke He, but with ten minutes to go, Minsu finished off a very good combination to make the second. At the end of the game, Manu Vallejo signed 3-0 to close a result that, despite being cruel, has left good feelings for the Andorran team, as well as the preseason.