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First Team

Without the full prize

Andorra got a good point in the postponed match at the Levante stadium. A draw that brings the tricolour side closer to salvation but could have been even better if Eder Sarabia's side had taken advantage of some of the many chances they have had, especially in the first half. On the resumption, offensive production dwindled and the game ended up getting a bit long for Sarabia's men.

Options to open the score

The Tricolours' first half was very good with as many as four clear chances to open the scoring. In the 4th minute, Pampín tried it after a good action from Lobete, but his shot went off the post. After this first attempt, Andorra managed to control the game, minimizing the danger of the home team, that hardly disturbed Nico Ratti's goal in the first 45 minutes. In the only one they had, Nico Ratti had to be decisive again in a close-range finish from Dani Gómez (32').

Five minutes earlier Ruben Bover tried it, in a great combination play that culminated the No. 21 with a shot that did not go between the three posts. Even before half-time, a shot from Jandro couldn't find goal either, in another clear option. And in the 44th minute, Lobete connected a rocket that hit the crossbar.

Eder Sarabia's side had deserved to go at half-time ahead on the scoreboard but on the second half they couldn't find a way to be as dangerous as before. In fact, as soon as it started, Pastor was providential in saving a shot from Cantero. Apart from that, there have been very few dangerous arrivals in the areas and the game has slowly started to break down. In this context, the Tricolours failed to calm the match and only came close to the goal with a shot from Migue (88').