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Ferran Costa: "FC Andorra is above everything and everybody must know that"

24 hours before the match against Burgos, Ferran Costa has assessed the situation of the team and how it faces the penultimate game of the season at home at Estadi Nacional.

#ParauladeMíster | Pre-match vs Burgos

"The group was affected. The last game at home was a blow, especially for the team situation, because I think we deserved more. We were messed up at the beginning of the week after the game in Gijón, but this is about principles. We represent a country, Andorra, and it is important how we act: we play in front of our people and there are things that must be non-negotiable. We must fight, leave everything and give the image we want because it's the way to win and respond to our people."

"More than believing in it, it's a matter of how we should do things and behave, that will defines us. Now everyone has a challenge with themselves to live up to it and have responsibility as professionals. We we have to play a great game, first because we are Andorra and then because we are playing at home and the fans have to see a team that gives it all. With this mentality we have to play. The situation is complicated and not pleasant for anyone, but it is a personal matter of each one of us to give everything, no matter the options to avoid relegation. There is only the option to compete with everything."

"There is one thing above all: Andorra is above all other things and everyone must be clear about that. The people who play must give everything; this will be a must while I am the coach of the Andorra. That's how I think people are more likely to identify with the team. We have to talk on the ground. We can make mistakes, but some aspects are non-negotiables".

"The team had evolved in terms of defensive solidity. We were conceding little even though they were penalizing us, but that was not the case against Sporting. I said it at the end of the match: there are basic aspects in the game that we must have the ability to solve them".

"When I received the call from Andorra, I received the call from a project that I believe in, in an ideal country to grow and with people who value effort and willingness to work. And I made the decision consciously that the current moment was delicate. My illusion remains intact."

"We must be mature enough to understand that we are in a situation that is a consequence of what we have done in the previous 39 games and we must know how to live these moments. How we behave now in this situation will define us all. Whoever is thinking into next year has a problem because next year hasn't arrived yet. We have to respect the jersey and be professionals."