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The 1-nil curse at home

Second straight defeat and first of the season at Estadi Nacional in a game that has reminded some of last year. Andorra dominated and didn't play bad during the first 70 minutes of play, but made a couple of mistakes, conceded a goal and didn't get off the blow.

After the first minutes and a scare from Roberto López, Andorra gained meters and approached the goal defended by Juan Soriano with danger. The first to try it was Pampín, with a loose shot with the right foot, a few minutes later Iván Gil finished too wid and, in the 35th minute, Pampín enjoyed the clearest opportunity after a great move by Lobete.

In the second half, Andorra started well and could have opened the score in one of Lobete's moves, again very active. But in the 72nd minute came the visitors' clearest chance on a counterattack that saved Nico Ratti in the 1v1 against Waldo. And from there, everything got out of control. In a very unfortunate move, Luismi Cruz put Tenerife ahead and the Tricolours have not been able to react. Apart from an Álex Calvos’ high shot, the visitors were closer to the 2-nil.