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Difficult to explain

Game difficult to explain. Andorra played a bad game, but still managed to turn around a 3-1 disadvantage with two goals in added time… Nevertheless, when it just looked like it would save a point from their visit to Anduva, a great action from local Carlos Martin has left Eder Sarabia's side completely devasted.

Mirandés started better and Nico Ratti had to save the goal after an amazing Gabri Martínez effort. The local team felt more comfortable pressing high, but when Andorra started to find spaces (Manu Nieto had a great chance), Mirandés opened the score in a quick counterattack. Then just before half-time, Carlos Martín doubled the lead with a shot deflected by Arroyo, a success that Migue Leal and Pampín didn’t have in the added time with two clear opportunities.

At half time, Eder Sarabia made four substitutions and Andorra came out with another face. Álvaro Martín and Álex Calvo, after a good move by Scheidler, who played his first minutes in LaLiga, tried to score, but it was Alende, with a stunning rocket who gave hopes to Andorra.

But even with this boost, Andorra didn’t create many chances and Mirandés seemed to secure the win when Godoy took advantage of another mistake to beat Ratti. But nothing further from the truth, there was plenty of action to happen yet. In three minutes, Andorra equalized the game with two goals by Iván Gil and Pampín.

But after doing the most difficult thing, Andorra lost a point in a crazy last minutes. Mirandés knew better how to take advantage of the spaces and after a couple of opportunities, Carlos Martín scored the winning goal.