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First Team

A much-needed win

Andorra ended their poor run of three consecutive defeats with a hard-fought win against Oviedo. Neither team played a brilliant game in attack, but in the end, a penalty caused and converted by Julen Lobete, who turned 23 today, ended up tipping the balance. Before the goal, Scheidler was sent off, although a few minutes later the numerical situation has been equalized with the second yellow that saw Luismi.

The game was not active near the areas and Dani Martin, in his first game, did not have to save any shot throughout the 90 minutes. In the other goal, Andorra dominated and had the ball but wasn’t able to try Leo Román either, although today we could see a solid team in defence. Thus, the minutes have passed until Scheidler's expulsion. The French striker wanted to protect the ball and hit David Costas with his arm and the referee did not hesitate and showed him a very rigorous red card.

The game was complicated for Andorra, but still the team remained the same, dominating with the ball and without suffering at the back. And in two minutes, everything changed. Manu Nieto was quick and caused Luismi's second card and, just on the next play, Lobete fell inside the area and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. From eleven yards out, the Basque did not forgive and the Tricolours were able to get three much-needed points.