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Vicente del Bosque, at the second event of Club de Negocis

Vicente del Bosque was the guest of the second Club de Negocis event of this season. The former Spanish player and coach, with a long and successful career behind him, spoke about his experiences as a manager and leader of high performance groups in front of the thirty entrepreneurs who attended the presentation.

The Secretary of State for Sports and Youth, Alain Cabanes, presided over the event which was also attended by Francesc Destré and Higini Cierco as the highest tricolour representatives, the general manager Jaume Nogués and members of the coaching staff and players of the first team. Once the event was over, all attendees were able to enjoy catering to close the day.

It should be remembered that Club de Negocis is an initiative born with the aim of offering companies and organizations in the Andorran business environment an exclusive platform for them to get involved in the growth of the club, thus accessing a powerful network where to exchange ideas, foster synergies and explore business opportunities.