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First Team

Andorra voted victory

Andorra has already 44 points after beating Malaga in a game decided with a solo goal by Bundu. The tricolors dominated the ball and had almast all the oportunities in a game with few action close to the goals. Finally, a goal by Bundu in a quick transition gave the three points to Eder Sarabia's men.

Andorra started the game with energy and soon closed out their opponents on their own pitch. Málaga had the idea to press up, but soon have been forced to close near their area. But the problem for Andorra was that the team has only been able to translate his dominance with a shot from Hector, easy for Yáñez.

Defensively, Andorra had no problem and after the half time, the team had more oportunities. Pampín and Iván Gil in the first minutes and then in a quick transition, Rubén Bover assisted Bundu and the African winger opened the score with a goal that gives Andorra three important points.