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First Team

End of the positive streak

Mirandés ended with Andorra's streak of eight games in a row without a defeat after winning 1-nil due to a goal from the penalty spot. The tricolors had the best chances before half time and in the second half, just five minutes before the opponent's goal, Pampín hit the crossbar after a corner... but it was Mirandés who scored the only goal of the game.

The away team started better and dominated during the first 20 minutes: Prados had the first shoot just in the 4th minute, but then nothing happened close to the goals. After these first minutes dominated by Mirandés, Andorra took control of the game and had the best chances to open the score. Hector shooted off target, same as Bakis, then Alfonso Herrero saved a rocket by Sergio Molina and just before half-time, Pastor had the clearest opportunity with a header.

In the second half, the game didn't have much activity in the areas until the last minutes. Lizoain saved Roberto López's shot, Andorra replied with a effort by Germán and Pampín hit the crossbar. Just before, the tricolors claimed a penalty to Sinan Bakis, but the only penalty called by the referee was in the other goal. In the 85th minute, Raúl García didn't miss his chance and Mirandés took the three points.