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Rubén Bover says goodbye with all the honors

Rubén Bover said goodbye today in an emotional press conference in front of the media, putting an end to a period of five and a half years at the tricolour entity. Accompanied by some of his former teammates, a large part of the coaching staff and club workers, the captain explained the reasons for his departure and reviewed some of his best moments at the club.

"It wasn't the time to depart and I didn't want to because I didn't want to leave the club like that, but I know that as we made history, the club will continue to make it," explained the Mallorcan midfielder who cited family reasons as the main reason reason that they did not accept the renewal offer of the tricolour club. All in all, Bover closes a tremendously successful stage with two memories that stand out above the rest: "The promotion from the first Catalan was very special and, obviously, the promotion to the second division, placing Andorra for the first time in professional football , it's a day I'll never forget."