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Rubén Bover, first goalscorer of the season

Rubén Bover is a legend at Futbol Club Andorra and on Sunday he gave another example. The Mallorcan midfielder scored the first tricolour goal in the 2023/24 season to get the first win of the new season. Also, Bover, who precisely in Butarque played the 150th game with the tricolour jersey, enters the select list of the first tricolours scorers of the season.

In the 29th minute and after a great collective move, Rubén Bover struck an unstoppable volley to open the score. A goal that, in the end, would also give the three points in a well-worked match for Eder Sarabia's side that, once again, began the season with a 1-nil victory. In recent years, the tricolour team had repeat the same result on the first round of the league: 1-0 against Linares with a goal by Eudald (2021/22), 0-1 with a goal by Pau Casadesús at the Oviedo field in the historic debut of professional football (2022/23) and 0-1 against Leganés (2023/24).

The last scorers of the season:

2022/23: Pau Casadesús vs Oviedo (LaLiga 2)
2021/22: Eudald Vergés vs Linares (1a RFEF)
2020/21: Héctor Hevel vs Espanyol B (2a división B).
2019/20: Ernest Forgas vs Badalona (2a división B).
2018/19: Jordi Aláez vs Vista Alegre (1a catalana).
2017/18: Roger Nazzaro vs Igualada (1a catalana).
2016/17: en pròpia porteria vs Girona B (1a catalana).
2015/16: Riera vs Girona B (1a catalana).
2014/15: Riera vs Angulària d'Anglesola (2a catalana).
2013/14: Ayala vs Vista Alegre (1a catalana).
2012/13: Ludo vs Martinenc (1a catalana).
2011/12: Marc Pujol vs Magraners (2a catalana).