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First Team

One point got in Anxo Carro

Against a team already relegated and after Málaga's loss that confirmed Andorra will stay one more year in the category, the match didn't have the usual competitive tension but had a little bit of everything. Lugo took advantage twice and Alti was sent off in the 27th minute, but numerical equality return in the second half. 

Lugo took the lead early with a goal by Señé, but Andorra replied quickly when Germán assisted Rubén Bover for the equalizer. Then nothing happened until Alti saw the red card and the home team tried to score his second goal with two shots from Sebas Moyano and Javi Avilés. After half time, Jordi Calavera was also sent off and Bakis had the best opportunity to put Andorra ahead. But who scored was Alberto in a set piece.

Again, Andorra replied few minutes later thanks of a Iván Gil's rocket and in the last minutes, the tricolours had chances enough to got the win but Carlos hit the post, Hector shot too wide and Adri Vilanova neither found the goal.