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First Team

Late comeback to beat Nàstic

Big win in the fourth friendly game of the pre-season thanks to an in-extremis comeback in the final minutes. In a fairly even and entertaining game, Nàstic seemed to end up winning the encounter due to a goal just after half time… but Andorra fought until the end and won the XIV Ciutat de Tarragona trophy after the goals of Manu Nieto and Rubén Bover. 

Nàstic started stronger by pressing high the tricolour defense, who did not feel comfortable in the early stages of the match. But little by little, Andorra took steps forward Iván Gil was near the goal twice.

With 0-0 it was half-time, Nàstic didn’t take long to open the scoreboard and after five minutes Jaume Jardí scored after taking advantage of an unfortunate move. Andorra was unable to react until Eder Sarabia moved the game 20 minutes before the end. In fact, three of the newcomers were the protagonists of the late goals: at 88th minute, Lobete assisted Manu Nieto to make the equalizer and, almost on the last play of the match, Nieto fought a ball and Rubén Bover turned the score around.