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Ferran Costa: "Be good is not enough, we need excellence"

Before heading to Asturias, where Andorra will train tomorrow afternoon in the pre-game sessión before, tricolour coach Ferran Costa assessed the team's situation before facing Sporting.

#ParauladeMister | Pre-match vs Sporting

"The team is OK. When you have been in the same situation for so long, you understand that you must be prepared for everything. Obviously the other day's game at home was a blow, not only because of the lose but also because of the 'how', because if a team did merits to win was Andorra".

"The team wants to go to El Molinón to have a great game and to be efficient enough to achieve victory."

"The situation is not easy. We have been in this complicated situation for long enough to have become aware, but that is sport. If we had only a 1% chance I would believe. And we have examples. The way to go against statistics is through the game and a good competitive level. We must go to El Molinón to be better than Sporting. And, apart from being better during the game, also be better in determination, which is what makes you win games or not."

"We go to El Molinón knowing that doing well is not enough; and very well, neither. The team has played very good recently, but despite being very good we are not getting the points we need. So we must play an excellent game."