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Ferran Costa: "We cannot lose energy in things that do not depend on us"

The league is coming to an end and Andorra is clinging to all its options to fight for permanence. Thus, before leaving for Asturias to face Oviedo on the penultimate day of the season, Ferran Costa assessed his team's options.

#ParauladeMíster | Pre-match vs Oviedo

"Karri's goal makes us keep dreaming with the miracle. It was up to us but with an extremely tough schedule against teams that are fighting for prmotion and without being able to play against direct rivals. We have to do what depends on us and we go to Oviedo knowing that it will be a match of maximum difficulty but we have the strength and drive to play a great duel".

"We cannot lose strength or energy in things that do not depend on us. Enough difficult is our game against a team that plays very well football, that plays at home and is fighting for a very important milestone and that will demand our best version. We will have to be above this best version; less will not be enough." 

"They will come away with everything. It is a team that is having a good season, that has worked well and that is very clear about what it is playing for... We already know that, but we have also shown that against great teams we have done things very well".

"We know clearly where they are strong and where we can find solutions to grow during the game, but there is one thing that is non-negotiable: we must have a full fighting capacity because there will be moments of difficulty. We must be mentally strong and have the ability to fight and take the game forward neutralizing what makes them dangerous but also finding our strengths".

"First of all we have to take care of the basic aspects. Be very concentrated in the direct duels and, if we can, avoid them by trying to defend with helps because they are a very vertical team that arrives with a lot of people in the finishing areas. We have to be forceful in dominating the box and also in set pieces".

"I trust in the professionalism of the rest of the teams. It is a category of maximum demand with great professionals and whenever I go out on a football pitch I do it with the intention of winning because of everything we are behind and because that is the essence of this sport".