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Ferran Costa: "We have to search our best version"

Ferran Costa, who in his debut away from home achieved the victory against Eldense, has assessed how the team faces the important and difficult trip to Espanyol stadium, one of the teams fighting for promotion.

#ParauladeMíster | Pre-match vs Espanyol

"We know that [Espanyol] is a great rival that is fighting for important things, with a great squad and that at home they are having a very high scoring rate. But we are focused on ourselves, on finding our best version and we are clear that we have to fight against the situation; we are facing a highly demanding challenge that demands the best of us and we face it with conviction because in the field there will be players who really want to do it".

"We have to know that we cannot give up any option that could bring us closer to winning the game. We know what game we would like to happen, what our plan is and we have to be prepared to win from the superiority, but also be alive to detect opportunities to win through survival moments".

"The mentality is key. We have to go action by action, identify each battle we have during the game and give value to all the little things that can give us options to hurt the opponent. And the same when it comes to not having inattention that give us problems in our defense".

"They are a great team, but if we do things the way we have to, we are also a team that does many things well and that is what we have to focus on".

"I already said it to him in person [to Manolo González]: I am very happy that people who come from low divisions and have been doing things well for many years have an opportunity like this. He has been coaching the team for weeks now and we are seeing all his hallmarks. But I don't think the games that he and I have played previously this season are very important because we are in a different context and teams".