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Ferran Costa: "The fans have to see a commited team"

Before his debut at Estadi Nacional as FC Andorra first team coach, Ferran Costa talked about his team before the visit of one of the top teams of the category, Eibar.

#ParauladeMister | Pre-match vs Eibar

"The team's week is being very good. I see people with energy and a lot of desire to get to the win. We feel ready. We know that [Eibar] is a great opponent who is having a magnificent season"

"Eibar is a great team that is doing things very well. Apart from having great individualities, I think they have a very clear identity: they are a very incisive team, who look for the opposite goal and have no problems on finding dangerous situations. The most important thing is to reaffirm our convictions: we know which team we want to be seen and everything we have to do so that our people feel proud of the team".

"For me, the only relevant thing is here and now, both for the positive things and for other situations. I see my confidence in the team's ability to play a good game on a day-to-day basis. I don’t care about the statistics; what gives me confidence is that there is an absolute commitment"

"We have to give the message [to the fans] by playing and the other day we gave a good one. It can make you feel proud to see a committed group, that feels the jersey it wears, the country it represents and does it from the effort, the fight... These are important values for us".

"I am convinced that our people will value this. The group really wants to play a great game and I am sure that with the support of the fans in the difficult moments we will achieve it".