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Not the best way to finish the year

The good sensations of last matches have disappeared in a very bad game for Andorra, which has been completely surpassed by Racing, especially in the first half. Only Nico Ratti prevented the home team from going into the break with more than a goal ahead and despite the Tricolours improved on the second half, Samper's red car left them with no chance for the comeback.

The home side's offensive tornado started from the first minute with a slightly deflected shot, although Alex Calvo replied just two minutes later. From there, the Argentine goalkeeper began his show, avoiding the home goal on four clear occasions. 

Despite the superiority and the Cantabrian dominance, the game was open and Scheidler, in an action that saved Rubén Alves very well, and Álvaro, after an excellent pass from Samper, did not find the shot inside the area in fairly clear opportunities. But in the 32nd minute, Vicente took advantage of a mistake to open the score.

After half time, Andorra came out with another attitude and locked Racing on their own pitch, although without creating chances beyond shots from Alex Calvo and Petxa. But all chances of equalizing the game fell apart when Samper saw his second yellow card. After that the locals took advantage of it to score the second goal thanks to Rubén Alves and secure the win.