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First Team

We deserve more

Andorra deserved better luck in a game that fought untill the final blow despite playing with ten players since the 20th minute. But the red card saw by Rubén Bover and a goal from Mollejo in the Zaragoza's only shot on the target in the entire game were too much for the tricolour team.

The game was pretty even during the first minutes until Rubén Bover saw the red card after an unfortunate tackle. After that, Zaragoza took the control of the match but without many ideas with the ball. Actually, they only shot once during all the first half –and during the whole game–, but they were clinical enough to took advantage in the score. Mollejo, with an incredible header, beat Dani Martín (37').

In the second half, Andorra was more courageous and took the control of the game. And despite not having many chances, Eder Sarabia's men deserved the equalizer. In fact, Scheidler was close to that goal but his header hit the post.