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Manu Nieto, Diego i Moha tornen a la disciplina tricolor

Once their loan period is over, Manu Nieto, Diego González and Moha Moukhliss will rejoin the tricolour discipline. The first two, who just got promoted with Eldense last weekend, will enjoy a few more rest days and will return on Monday, July 17; for his part, Moha will return with the rest of the squad.

All three have enjoyed a profitable loan spell playing the play-off to LaLiga 2. Moha, in his half year on loan to Barça B, has been an undisputed starter –19 games, 17 starts– and has scored a goal in a team that fell in the first round of the promotion. For their part, Manu Nieto –42 games and 10 goals– and Diego González –41 games and 1 goal– have also been key players and have repeated success with the promotion to professional football.