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Andorra pays for his mistakes

First defeat of the season after falling against Amorebieta. The Tricolours did not deserve such an exaggerated result, but they paid for their mistakes in a game in which they dominated but the Basque side score in the only three clear arrivals they had.

Andorra started the match very well and, in the 2nd minute, Pampín tried it with a shot near the post. A few minutes later, after a great individual play by Lobete, very active throughout the 90 minutes, it was finished off by Rubén Bover in the hands of the goalkeeper. Despite the effervescent start, however, the pace of the game declined and the Tricolours did not have another opportunity until a high shot from Iván Gil just before half-time.

The dominance was visitor, but it was Amorebieta who found the prize when, on a poorly defended sideline serve, Jauregi opened the scoring with a header (39'). Andorra didn’t deserve to receive that goal but after half-time it was even worse. Amorebieta found in the throw-ins directly to the area a way to damage and it took advantage of it: in the first attempt, Nico stopped Eraso's shot, but in the 53th minute, the Basque attacker did not forgive.

With the 2-0, Andorra tried it all but it was uncapable to score. Iván Gil tested Campos, a few minutes later Álvaro Martín had the goal in his boots but his shot was deflected off by a defender and, in the 84th minute, Álvaro again hit the crossbar. But instead of the visitors’ goal, what ended up coming was Sibo’s goal.