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First Team

Successful start

Like last year, Andorra started the league with an away win in the first match of the season. The Tricolours played a great game against Leganés who also had their options. 1-nil was a very short score given the chances both teams have enjoyed... In the end, Ruben Bover's first-half goal was enough to take all three points.

Álex Calvo had the first chance of the match after a quick counter-attack, while Pampín saved a shot under the posts. The game had pace and chances in both areas, but it was Rubén Bover who was the most successful. After a great move by Manu Nieto, the No.21 opened the score with a great volley. Just after the goal, Andorra suffered a scare after an unfortunate move by Bover, who already on the second half, was able to score again.

In the second half, Leganés took a step forward, but the clearest chance came from Eder Sarabia's side: Lobete hit the post and then Dani Jiménez saved Manu Nieto’s shot. Lobete again had a clear one and Manu Nieto didn't arrive to a pass from the Basque attacker... For their part, Leganés have also had very clear chances to draw, especially taking advantage of tricolour losses or quick transitions.

In the end, the scoreboard did not move and Andorra was able to celebrate another triumphant premiere.