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FC Andorra & Ladoce: strategic agreement for the training of young players

FC Andorra, through its youth academy Nàstic de Manresa, has reached an agreement with the Japanese company Ladoce and Be Hero to start a training program for young foreign footballers. For now, this year, ten young Japanese footballers will spend the entire season training in different teams from Manresa.

Gimnàstic de Manresa is one of the most prestigious training clubs in Catalan football and a reference for entities around the world. The agreement with Ladoce is a long-term project that not only includes the stay of foreign players throughout the season, but also  specific stages and training days.

Kento Katayama, CEO of Ladoce and Be Hero: "For eight years we have been building a project with the aim of helping the development of players in one of the countries with the best structure and methodology for the sporting growth of young talent. We have worked with different clubs and for some time we have been studying the market in the area of Catalonia since it is an area with very good recognition at the training level."

"The moment we heard the link between FC Andorra, a LaLiga 2 team with one of the most brilliants styles of play in the country, and Gimnàstic de Manresa, which has been a training reference at national level for many years, we believed that it could be the ideal place for the development of our own project. The style of play of FC Andorra and, consequently, of Nàstic, is very similar to the one we are trying to implement in our country, Japan. Because of the physical, tactical and technical conditions of our players, we believe he can create an excellent context and we are very happy to have achieved this collaboration."

Roger Giribet, coordinator of Nàstic Manresa: "For us it is an honour to be considered a reference and we work to continue growing in the field of training young footballers. The agreement with Ladoce and Be Hero is another step in this growth because it allows us to incorporate and nurture players who come from a very different football culture."