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Own mistakes give no chance to Andorra

At Estadi Nacional, where Andorra seemed to have found a refuge to make up for the lack of results away from the Principality, the Tricolours conceded a painful defeat. Eder Sarabia's side recovered well from the goal in a set piece in the first minutes and made a good first half, but on after half time, when it looked like the comeback was possible, the Tricolours paid dearly for their mistakes and ended up losing the game.

The match started electric and in the first two minutes both teams enjoyed a dangerous arrival in the area. But it was the team from Elda who took better advantage of the situation and went ahead on the scoreboard in the 3rd minute after a set piece masterfully executed by Marc Mateu and finished by Iván Chapela. Despite the goal, Andorra recovered well and through a fast and fluid ball possession managed to close their rival on their own pitch. Andorra kept insisting, as in a high Pampín kick, until they found the prize of the equalizer goal in a play down the left side that ended with Diego Pampín's backward pass and Alvaro Martin's shot into the back of the net.

With Madrid midfielder's goal, the Tricolours broke their long run of games without scoring a goal before half-time. On the second half, Eder Sarabia's side came out on the same line and Iker Benito, Scheidler and Lobete were close to the goal. But the local good intentions have been diluted, and when he has smelled blood, Eldense has taken advantage of it. In quick action, Sergio Ortuño scored the second goal and totally broke the match. Clemente could have scored the third soon after in an action that saved Petxa under the posts, while the visiting player himself was unforgiving in the 82nd minute taking advantage of a tricolour loss in the danger zone.

Just after the goal, Andorra enjoyed a clear chance to cut the gap and open the match again, but between a defender and the crossbar avoided Álex Calvo's goal. And from there, despite trying it, the Tricolours have been unable and have had to surrender with a new game without winning a single point.