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First Team

Early elimination

Andorra played a bad game and it was eliminated by fifth-tier Astorga. A goal from Ivi in a set piece was enough to defeat a tricolour side that found no response in the second half. Iván Gil, from penalty spot, had the best chance to equalize but his shot went too wide.

The Tricolours have not started in a bad way, finding depth for both sides, occupied today by Migue Leal and Iker Benito. But little by little, Astorga found ways to hurt the tricolour defense and has got the prize early. In the 22nd minute, Nico saved Ivi's goal on a shot from inside the area, but on the next corner he could do nothing with the home attacker’s header.

After the goal, Eder Sarabia's side was unable to turn things around. Andorra had the ball but looked unable to reach Sergio's goal clearly. On the other side, the Castilians threatened on the counter-strike and Nico Ratti had to intervene in a close-range shot, but the clearest chance came from Andorra after a penalty caused by Álvaro Martín. From eleven yards out, Iván Gil had not find the goal and there the tricolour options were gone.