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First Team

The wind blows up in the right direction

Andorra achieved another victory and the seven game in a row without a loss –six of them with a clean sheet–. A solitary goal by Sinan Bakis was decisive to beat Huesca and to take the three points to get away from the relegation zone.

Huesca had the first opportunity with a Cristian Salvador's shoot that hit the crossbar, but Andorra replied immediately and after a Sergio Molina's effort, Bakis scored the 1-0. Then, the tricolors controlled the game but it was Cristian Salvador again who had the best opportunity. In the other area, Bakis hit the crossbar in an action disallowed for an offside.

In the second half, after few minutes without much activity in the areas, Rubén Bover couldn't score from a dangerous free kick. Then Andrés Fernández saved the goal of Sinan Bakis and Cristian Salvador was sent off few minutes later. Against ten players, Eder Sarabia's men were near the second goal, but neither Mika, Carlos nor Germán couldn't send the ball into the back of the net.