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LaLiga Genuine

El FC Andorra Genuine travel to Burgos

FC Andorra Genuine project is totally consolidated and this weekend the tricolour team will make the third trip of the season to Burgos. The expedition led by coach Montse Sánchez left early this morning to Spanish soil and will play three more games in the penultimate phase of the season.

In this third trip, FC Andorra will play three matches against Ibiza, Real Valladolid and Osasuna in the Ciudad Deportiva de Castañares between Saturday and Sunday. Before that, on Friday, the team will attend the presentation ceremony in El Plantío and then the players will enjoy LaLiga SmartBank game between Burgos and Leganés.

Montse Sánchez, coach of FC Andorra Genuine: "Since we returned from Bilbao we have worked a lot on the one-two and the width in attack and we hope these concepts will work out as well as possible," explained Sánchez, who also valued the experience of LaLiga Genuine so far: "I just have to look my players in the face and they are very happy. For them this is a great luxury and, to be able to share it with them, for me it is even more so".

Àlex Francés, FC Andorra Genuine player: "We are very happy to be able to go to Burgos, with the team very excited and eager to play. These weeks we've been working not to fall out on off-side to try and score more goals and the one-two."

The matches:

UD Ibiza - FC Andorra | Saturday 12.00 h

FC Andorra - Real Valladolid |  Saturday 19.00 h

CA Osasuna - FC Andorra |  Sunday 10.00 h