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Eder Sarabia will not continue as FC Andorra's coach

Eder Sarabia will not continue as FC Andorra's first team coach. The tricolour board has taken the decision because of the poor results of the team and with the aim of straightening the course to try to achieve the permanence in professional football. Likewise, from the tricolour entity we want to show our deep gratitude to the one of the most important coaches in the club history for his work in these more than three years leading the team. 

Eder Sarabia arrived in the Principality in January 2021 and in his first season on the bench of the first team he achieved promotion to Primera RFEF and played in the promotion playoff to the LaLiga 2. On that occasion, however, Real Sociedad's second team prevented the team from making the step to professional football. It was in the coach's second season on the bench, the first since the start, that the long-awaited promotion to LaLiga was achieved, a historic milestone for the club.

In addition, the following season, in the debut in professional football, the team continued its brilliant trajectory with an excellent seventh position. Good results that, this year, despite a great start, the Tricolours have not been able to maintain, which is why the club is now looking for a revulsive to look to maintain the category.

In the same way, the club also wants to thank the work and dedication of the assistant coach Jon López, the head of leadership Javier Marigorta and the scouter Guillermo Gómez, who will also not continue in the tricolour discipline.