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Fair defeat against Elche

Andorra did not play a good game in Martinez Valero stadium and were defeated fairly. However, the Tricolours managed to stay alive until the 89th minute when a goal from Borja Garcés left Eder Sarabia's players a bit touched after having resisted all Elche’s attacks.

The Tricolours came out with personality trying to have the ball and pressing high, but Elche gradually gained meters and get dangerously close to Nico Ratti's goal. Home players won most of the individual duels and reached the tricolour goal too easily. Ratti was providential on a shot from local Nico, who tried it again few minutes later with a high shot. But finally, in the 23rd minute, Óscar Plano scored.

Iker Benito had a good chance that saved a defender, but apart from that, Andorra didn’t react. After half time, however, the Tricolours came out on a better mood with a couple of runs of Iker Benito. And in the 64th minute, Andorra got his prize: in his first action on the pitch, Manu Nieto combined very well with Scheidler and the Frenchman did not forgive in the final shot.

But when Andorra had done the most difficult thing, the team took a step back and Elche didn’t miss the opportunity to attack. Eder Sarabia's side have not been able to take advantage of the spaces left in defense by the local side and the last minutes have been a constant attack from Elche. And finally, Borja Garcés got the winning goal in the last minute before extra time.