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Carlos Martínez, tricolor legend

Carlos Martínez will not continue at FC Andorra and will end a brilliant spell of three and a half seasons. The striker from Mataró, who arrived in the Principality in January 2020 from Hércules, has been one of the key players of the golden era of the tricolour entity. In fact, Carlos has been the author of the goals that have given the last two promotions to the tricolour team.

After arriving in the winter transfer window and due to the pandemic, Carlos Martinez only played four games in his first season at Andorra. From there, the No. 10 became a very important part of the team for the next three seasons. In his first full season Carlos scored 15 goals, including the one that certified the tricolour team promotion to Primera RFEF in Lleida. In the 2021/22 season he scored 10, with another key goal: the one that gave the team the win against UCAM Murcia to get promoted to LaLiga.

This year, in his debut in professional football at the age of 36, the striker has not lost his goalscoring sense with 9 more goals. In total, Carlos closes his career in Andorra with 35 goals, 101 games, two promotions in his pocket and the indelible memory of having experienced first-hand the most important moments in the recent history of the entity.