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First Team

Alberto Solís: "The project is very exciting"

First in and first to be presented. Alberto Solís, the first signing of the summer, already knows his teammates after the first two days of training and this morning he presented himself to the media. He was very happy about his arrival in the Principality and excited about the season that is just starting.

Statements by Alberto Solís

"The first objective is to know the coaching staff and teammates to create a family that will give us positive results in the medium and long term. And at a collective level, we must fight to be on top, be ambitious and reach the month of April and May with options to be fighting for the first places. But we have to go step by step, the league is very long and there are great teams and great players. We have to go with humility, with our feet on the ground and knowing that the demand will be maximum".

"On an individual level I hope to maintain my level, continue to progress and bring out my best version. Let it be seen what Alberto is like both on and off the field of play."

"I had a good season on an individual level and I received the offer from Andorra. I was in talks for a couple of weeks, but everything indicated that I should be here. The project is very exciting, they had come looking for me and wanted me to be here and everything was given to make it so. It's a very important opportunity for me and one that I've been looking for for a long time."

"I play in advanced positions, offensive midfielder, which is where I am best and I hope to be able to contribute to the goalscoring aspect because I like it, I am good at it and I think that the most beautiful thing in football is to score goals, celebrate it with the teammates and help the team to earn points".