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Away, we cannot find de way

Andorra still can't find the key away and have picked up another defeat at Valladolid. However, the Tricolours played a pretty good game and showed signs of improvement despite the final defeat.

The problem is that just in the 8th minute, the team found themselves one goal down due to a rocket from Joni Montiel in a free kick. The goal was very bad news, but even so, Andorra showed personality against a team like Valladolid, taking control of the ball and moving the game to the opponents' field. In the 15th minute, on a long pass, Iván Gil tested John Victor, while the clearest occasion came five minutes before the break: on a set piece, the post and the home goalkeeper saved a shot from close range by Scheidler and, in the second ball, a defender saved Diego's goal.

But just when it looked like we would arrive at half-time with minimal disadvantage, the Spaniards found themselves with a second goal by Juric from a corner. Despite the blow, however, Andorra did very well in the second half and Lobete tested John Victor in the beginning. From there, the Tricolours enjoyed their best minutes and only the lack of success in the final pass prevented the team from cutting the gap and opening the game again.

But the minutes went by and, although Valladolid failed to score on transitions, Andorra were not able to score either even enjoying a penalty in the injury time. Scheidler, however, kicked it over the crossbar.