Since 1942

FC Andorra was founded in October 15, 1942 and became the first football team ever in Andorra. As a matter of  fact, was founded before the Andorran Football Federation -that was created in 1994, after Andorra,with the 1993 Constitution approval, became a full international right country. 


For that reason, FC Andorra founders decided to ask for a  special permission both FIFA and RFEF (Spanish Football Federations) to play in the spanish competitions, through the registration to the Catalan Football Federation. FC Andorra  still maintains this special permission, being the only andorran football team that plays in a foreign league. 

Since the first moment, was clear that the blue, yellow and red, as the andorran flag, had to be the identity colours. FC Andorra has wear with proudness these colours along their more than 70 years of history


In their first years, FC Andorra always played in territorials categories, until 1977 when  achieved an historic promotion to Tercera Divisió, category in which made their debut in the 1977-78 season with a commendable fourth place. That was a warning of how ambitious this team was, and was confirmed in the 79-80 season when they finish at the top of the table of the Catalan group, and again, achieve an incredible promotion to Segona Divisió B that preceded the most glorious sportive period of the club’s history.

Since 1980-81 until 1997-1998, with a little break in Tercera Divisió in 1986-1987, played 17 seasons in the third category of the spanish football. Their best season was 88-89’s when, coached by José María Sánchez Iglesias, the team finished second on the table, nearly promoting to Segona Divisió A. 


In that long period at Segona Divisió B, the fans still can remember charismatic players as Santiago Marín, with more than 300 games played and more than 40 goals scored, Salvador Cardona, with 40 goals, Josep Espigulé or Jesús Julián Lucendo as well as the andorran players Emiliano Gonzàlez, Koldo Álvarez or Justo Ruiz. 

In the memory of the fans, is still the Copa Catalunya final in 1994 against RCD Espanyol that FC Andorra won on the penalty shoots, after defeating Dream Team’s FC Barcelona in the semi finals. 


In latest 90, the team entered a bad dynamic and just in two years got relegated twice. In fact, it could have been  worse, because FC Andorra could have been relegated to Preferent if it wasn’t for the promotion compensations of the catalan teams to Segona Divisió B. The redemption arrived next year when, thanks to a win away against la Pobla de Mafumet, the tricolor team achieved promotion to Tercera Divisió again. 

Nonetheless, it didn’t last long. Next season FC Andorra finished last on the table of the catalan group in Tercera Divisió and got relegated again. Since then, the club have gone through serious economic difficulties that almost caused their disappearance  in 2008. On the last years, the club has  settled at Primera Catalana with some options along the years to achieve promotion to Tercera Divisió as almost happened in th 2016-2017 season, when the team was coached by respected and appreciated Emili Vicente. 


On Decembre 2018,  the general meeting of members approved it’s conversion to a sportive public limited company. The aim was to allow the investment of private investors lead by Kosmos, a company owned by FC Barcelona player and World Cup winner, Gerard Piqué. The new project successfully achieved promotion to Tercera Divisió on June 2019. Nonetheless, the club took advantage of the empty place left by Reus due to their administrative relegation and return directly to Segona Divisió B.