The 2019/2020 season comes to an end

The return season to 2aB has had a unexpected end. The RFEF has announced that the season won’t resume, and therefore the 2019/2020 league will end as it is right now. 

In response to the announcement,  FC Andorra’s General Manager, Jaume Nogués, told the club’s official site that “even though it is too soon to evaluate it thoroughly, it seems that the season is over for us”. About the future competition structure, Jaume Nogués explained that “we will continue in Segona B for sure, even though we still don’t yet know how the groups will be restructured because there’s gonna be promotions from 3ª (Third league) but no relegations, and right now it’s impossible to know.” As for planning for the next season, Nogues explained that: “this uncertainty doesn’t clearly advise us how to plan the next season. We have to study the decision carefully to adapt and start working”. 

Last home game highlights

Lastly, FC Andorra’s coach, Nacho Castro, assessed the season’s end as this:” We’d have liked to finish the season on the pitch once the health authorities would have allow it. We think this would be the fairest way because, if the season wasn’t canceled, each team’s results would have established their sporting merits”

The RFEF announcement about the season’s cancellation