Main Partner

In April 2019, Morabanc joined the FC Andorra project as the main sponsor of the team, helping the team to upgrade their sportive and corportive level. 

Recognised by the prestigious magazine The Banker as the best andorran bank in 2019, Morabanc is the most renowned financial institution in the country, who, along their 82 years of history, has contributed to the economic, social and environmental growth of the country. 

The agreement between both entities, allows them to unite resources on the path to the  common goal of strengthening Andorra’s growth internationally. 

Premium Partner

Over the course of the 19/20 season, FC Andorra reached an agreement with Grup Pyrénées by which the andorra company became a  Premium Partner of the club 

Founded in the 30’s, Grup Pyrénées is one the most recognized andorran  institutions and one of the main players in Andorra’s economic and commercial growth. 

This agreement reinforces the idea that FC Andorra it’s a whole country’s project in which the collaboration and assistance of Andorran companies is of capital importance in the sporting and social growth of both the team and the country

Official Partner

For the 19/20 season, FC Andorra has had the support of Anyós Park, the leading sports and hotel complex in the country. Our Official Partner support has been crucial to maintain the physical condition of the team and to reinforce the team spirit. 

Thanks to their magnificent facilities the squad has been able prepare and maintain their physical preparation that this tough category requires and, at the same time, reinforced the team spirit.

Official Partner

Over the 19/20’s season, FC Andorra has reached an agreement with Estrella Damm by which  the prestigious beer company becomes Official Partner of the team. 

The collaboration with Estrella Damm, besides from providing a mediterranean touch to the project, allow to join forces and grow beside of one of the most important spanish beer companies.

Institutional Partner

Every project needs a house to establish their roots and FC Andorra has found it in Encamp. Comú d’Encamp has embraced the club offering  their sportive facilities, where the team plays their home games. 

The institution,  from the first minute, showed their interest to offer their facilities to the club and their  willingness to make of Prada de Moles the home of the team’s sporting successes.

Official Partner

For this new stage, FC Andorra has relied on one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Since the 19/20, Nike is an Official Partner of the club. 

This agreement has allowed the team to dress the lider brand on the sportive textil market. Quality and comfort are two essential elements when it comes to the team kits and, thanks to Nike, FC Andorra has this two aspects more than covered.


For the 19/20 season, FC Andorra has had the support of the leading company in the transports sector. Along its 40 years of experience in the sector, Autocars Nadal has experimented a constant growth until establishing as one of the most reputed companies in the country.

FC Andorra has relied on Autocars Nadal, with whom has signed a collaboration agreement by which the company will be in charge of the team’s trips. This agreement, includes the personalization and improvement of a bus with the colors and the shield of the team.


An appropriate alimentation and nutritional supplementation  it’s key  to achieve success. For this season, FC Andorra has relied on 226ERS, a nutrition and supplementation brand that provides and sponsors a large number of professional athletes. 

Thanks to the agreement, by which 226ERS becomes a club collaborator, FC Andorra has had the necessary nutrition and supplementation products to maintain an optimal physical condition  through the 19/20 season.

Supplier partner

FC Andorra has been able to count with E-andorra services. The internet services storage and management company, one of the leaders of the andorran tecnologic market, has contributed to the club’s  technological infrastructures growth.

Social partner

Being responsible with the andorran society is fundamental to FC Andorra. That’s why, in their plan of action, the club collaborates actively with Unicef in different charitable initiatives. Aside from that, the team wears the Unicef logo on the sleeves of their game jersey. 

Social partner

FC Andorra believes that has to be an active member of the andorran society to contribute to it’s welfare and development. As established in their plan of social action, FC Andorra cooperates with the Andorran Red Cross organizing and participating in different social acts.

Social partner

Along the 19/20 season, FC Andorra has actively collaborated with one of his social partners: Gol Solidari. 

The non-profit organization and FC Andorra have joined forces in more than one occasion in different  projects that Gol Solidari has organized. To FC Andorra is an honour being able to collaborate with organizations that do so much for the andorran society.