More ambition for next season

In a online press conference, FC Andorra has presented  Miguel Bañuz and Rai Marchan contract extensions. On his first statement, Ferran Vilaseca, FC Andorra president, has highlighted the ambition of the project, despite the current situation due COVID-19: “The project is ambitious and we want to keep on this path. These two players are essential pieces for next season. With the contract extension of  Miguel Bañuz, I think we’ll have one of the best goalkeepers team’s of the league, and Rai Marchan is a fundamental player to maintain the balance of the team in the midfield”. 

Jaume Nogués, sports director of the team, has valued the club’s effort to extent both players contract: ”From the Sport Direccion, we have worked fastly to renew their contract because we knew that other teams could be interested in them. Both players are important to achieve next season’s goal, and I think with their contract extensions we are a better team”.

Rai Marchan has played 21 games for FC Andorra.

The spanish goalkeeper, has thanked the club for putting their trust on him. “I want to give back this trust that the club has put on me with hard work. There’s a good team working and I’m sure we will achieve our goals together”. Rai Marchan  has remarked the ambition of the project: “I think it’s time to be demanding with ourselves, to think in the big picture, work as hard as we can every day and achieve as much as we can”.

Bañuz playing as a goalkeeper for FC Andorra in Alicante againts Hércules FC

Asked for the FC Andorra situation after the COVID-19 situation, FC Andorra president, Ferran Vilaseca, has assured that the team will follow the same path as last year, and despite the income decrease, FC Andorra will have a similar budget as last season to assure the stability of the club”. About the new structure of Segona Divsió B and the new Segona Divisió B Pro, sport director, Jaume Nogués, has remarked the high competition that will be: “The ambition to be at 2aB Pro will be total. It’s true that there’s gonna be a hundred teams and only four will promote to 2ºA, but If things are going well we may have to change the ultimate goal”: 

Lastly, both players have explained how they have lived the confinement away from their families at first. Miguel Bañuz has explained that at first he stayed in Andorra “until the club allowed us to leave the country and come back home and be with our families”. Rai Marchan has assured that “after being apart of our families, it’s time to be optimistic, learn from the situation, enjoy our days, be able to train and do what we love the most”.