Martín Mantovani, new FC Andorra player

Martin Mantovani has arrived today at Prada de Moles, where he has shown off the tricolour kit for the first time.

The 36 year old Argentinian center-back defender (born in San Miguel on 07/07/1984), is a consummate player who has accumulated experience in professional football leagues. Mantovani has played more than 50 games in LaLiga where he has scored 4 goals and more than 100 games in the Second Division A, where he has scored 5 goals.

In his first statement as a new tricolor player, Mantovani said: “I am very happy and excited to be here, which is the most important thing”. In his first impressions with the coach he explained that “Both Jaume Nogués and Nacho Castro have transmitted a lot of energy and ambition to me. It is a very nice project and you can see that they are trying to do things well. I am sure we will have results”.

FC Andorra Sports Director, Jaume Nogués, has valued the new signing: “He is a consummate player, with a high experience in the first and second Spanish division. He is a great defender and this is something that will help us a lot throughout the season “.