FC Andorra presents the Club’s anthem

FC Andorra ends the 29/20 season launching their new anthem, named  “Batec Tricolor” and composed by Els Catarres from the values and identity signs that the club wanted to convey. 

“Batec tricolor” is dedicated to all the fans that have supported the team along its almost 80 years of history, to all the partners and sponsors, to all the andorran people, and, especially to all the healthcare professionals and the people we have lost due the COVID-19 pandemic.

The anthem of FC Andorra

This anthem is a motivational song to all the andorran society that reflects its values and the Andorran and FC Andorra history.

From the first moment, FC Andorra consider Els Catarres as the composers of the anthem, because of their musically sensitivity, their transversality, their optimism and their success. After the propose, Els Catarres decided to make a pause on their professional path to make this special assignment a reality. The group from Aiguafreda fastly understood the concept that this anthem had to convey to all the fans and has composed a song that will become a symbol for Andorra and FC Andorra.

About Els Catarres

The musical boom in Catalunya couldn’t be understood without Els Catarres. The catalan band is one of those responsible of the revival of catalan music in the territory, achieving historic milestones that have marked a before and after in the success measure of the catalan bands. Els Catarres are the first active group that have fill out the 4.600 locations on the Sant Jordi Club in a solo concert and the first ones to sold out 7.000 tickets filling out the main rooms in Barcelona during their farewell tour in a record time of two weeks. On top of that, Els Catarres have been awarded with the Gold disc for their discographic sales. Furthermore, on their last tour, the have sold out the 5.200 locations of the Poble Espanyol and once again have fill out the Palau Sant Jordi Club. Without a doubt, Els Catarres are a unique and iconic group.

About FC Andorra

FC Andorra was founded on October 15, 1942 becoming the first football team in Andorra. The pioneer spirit of its founders made the club compete in the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), as it did not yet exist the Andorran Football Federation (founded in 1994). This particularity has maintained until today, making FC Andorra the only andorran club to participate in a foreign league and represents a country in the different leagues in which participates. FC Andorra, that has defended since its beginnings, the andorran flag colors on its shirt, has the aim to achieve the highest challenges and take the name of Andorra as far as possible.