FC Andorra presents the 2020/2021 season tickets

FC Andorra presents the season tickets for the 20/21 season with many new features and maintaining last season’s fees. FC Andorra subscribers will be able to download their season membership card digitally and will enjoy, for the first time, Footters platform for free until 2021.

After an atypical end of season due th COVID-19, where the fans couldn’t enjoy the final games of the season, FC Andorra wants to adapt to the new normality presenting different and new features in the season tickets for next season.

The first novelty of this year’s membership is the virtual membership card.  FC Andorra fans will be able to have their membership card in their phone by saving it in either their Apple devices (Wallet) and Android devices (Passbook).  FC Andorra, therefore,  wants to reaffirm its commitment to the environment by reducing the amount of plastic it uses per year. 

The second novelty is the collaboration with Footters platform, which will allow all FC Andorra subscribers to watch the matches from home, free of charge,  until 01/2021. Whether FC Andorra plays at home or away, games are behind closed doors or not, the subscribers will have all the matches in one click.

The third novelty is that all FC Andorra subscribers will have a 10% discount on the purchase of official FC Andorra’s merchandising.

The fourth and last novelty is the creation of three new types of season tickets:

  • The Junior-Senior Season Ticket, aimed at children from 13 to 17 years old and people over 65.
  • The international season ticket that is addressed to those FC Andorra fans who live abroad and cannot come to Prada de Moles.
  • The solidarity season ticket, which by buying it makes a donation of 30€ to the Andorran Red Cross. 

By doing so, FC Andorra wants to strengthen the feeling of belonging of all its fans to the club.

FC Andorra season ticket rates 20/21

FC Andorra, which will keep last season’s fees in the General season’s membership , wants to reward the loyalty of those fans who renew their subscription with a special fee of 65€. For this year’s new subscribers the cost is 80€.

On the other hand, the club will keep the children’s season ticket free, allowing free access to home matches for fans under 12 years old.

As for the new season membership categories, the solidarity season ticket will have a  cost of 110€,  30€ of which will be donated  to the Andorran Red Cross.

The international pass will have a price of 100€ and will include access to two league matches in Prada de Moles (prior notice by mail to abonaments@fcandorra.com) and a free home jersey.

Finally, the junior-senior season ticket will be 60€ and for last season’s membership holders it will be 49€.

The 19/20 season ticket holders will receive an email with a discount code.

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