Supporters club

Grada Unita Fortior

Grada Unita Fortior is a group of passionate FC Andorra supporters. The fans are loyal supporters who not only cheer on their team at home but also at away games. Grada Unita Fortior encourages anyone that may be interested to join the FC Andorra family. There is however one requirement, and that is to cheer, sing and support the team in a respectful manner to maintain a peaceful environment. Furthermore, anyone who plays an instrument is encouraged to join and be part of the motto “the more, the merrier”.

Esquadra Carlemany

Esquadra Carlemany is a group which not only supports the team, but makes the game-day experience at the Prada de Moles an unforgettable one. Prior to the match, the group meets to have breakfast and the anticipation for the game builds amongst the fans. On the way to the Prada de Moles, they begin to cheer which creates a incredible atmosphere. Post-match the group has lunch together to discuss the game.