Good sensation in the draw against Lleida Esportiu

FC Andorra ended its preseason with a draw against Lleida Esportiu in Artesa de Segre.  

The last friendly match of the preseason has ended with a scoreless draw. The tricolours have clearly dominated the game but they have been out of luck facing the goal. 

From the first minutes, Nacho Castro’s men have shown their enthusiasm to get the win, with a calm and structured game, where the wingers have shine over the rest. Today, Hevel has played on the left, joining Loureiro on the wings, to create dangerous score chances. In the 11th minute, FC Andorra had its first goal occasion with a deflected shot by Iker Goujon. Five minutes later, after a precise corner kick from Riverola, Gaffor fell inside the area but the referee didn’t consider it enough to point out a penalty kick.

Ruben Bover as FC Andorra captain

At half hour of the game, Hevel layed the ball in the area where Carlos Martinez almost scored with a precise header but the ball went over the post. A few minutes later, a shot made by Iker was stopped by a defender but the referee didn’t interpret it as a handball. Just a minute before halftime, Hevel layed off the ball to the area again where Iker managed to score but the referee pointed offside, and the goal was cancelled.

Sergi Serrano in an attack action

After halftime, the game balanced out, with a more focused and live Lleida on the game and the second plays, a fact that complicated the ball transitions of the tricolour team. Nonetheless, FC Andorra enjoyed some opportunities to score. On one hand, Carlos Martinez almost scored with a strong kick. And after that, Sergi Serrano’s turn with a strong and adjusted kick almost scored, but his shot went to the corner.

The match ended in a scoreless draw but left the team with a good feeling just before the start of the league.


After the match, Nacho Castro stated the following: “I’m really happy with the team’s rhythm and image deployed today. We have controlled the game and had some real score opportunities. That wasn’t easy after training individually for ten days”. About the Covid19 and the conditional fact that will be in this season, the coach has been very clear: “We have to thank the club for the protocol that’s following. We are constantly being tested and we follow all the security rules. I wish all the teams will behave like that because it’s our health that’s at risk. We have to compete in the same conditions. I think both the country and FC Andorra are conducting the situation perfectly and we really appreciate it.