Thrilling draw against RCD Espanyol “B”

FC Andorra almost completes an amazing comeback against RCD Espanyol B, but finally achieved a valuable draw after losing 0-2 for 60 minutes.  

The match started with a predictable equality. FC Andorra wanted the ball but Espanyol wasn’t going to make it easy. In the fifth minute, Svenson appeared on the right wing to lay off the ball to the penalty area, but the ball was rejected by Marc Pedraza, who once again started as central back alongside Mike Gaffoor. Five minutes later, the tricolor response arrived. A great pass from Martí Riverola to Carlos Martínez that outrun the defenders to complete a volley that forced Fortuño to show off.

However, the RCD Espanyol answer was more forceful. Assisted by Becerra from the left flank, Svenson finished off with a precise kick to open up the scorer. After the visiting team’s goal, FC Andorra sought possession and control of the match to play their game. As a result of this insistence, there was a good chance on the left side, where Martí Vilà centered on the front to Loureiro but his shot went out grazing Fortuño’s goal.   

In the restart, both teams were offensive and had some goal opportunities. In the first minute of the game, an arrival from the left side of RCD Espanyol B ended with a shot by Svenson inside the small area that put the second on the scoreboard. Far from sinking, FC Andorra have spurred on and quickly have reduced the difference in the score with a goal by Hevel, who had just come off the bench. The Dutchman took advantage of a defensive mistake to face Fortuño, cut the output of the blue-white goalkeeper, and score the first tricolour goal of the match. About to arrive at the hour of the game, Hevel has scored again. Ruben Bover, with a great individual play on the front, dribbled two players and made the pass of death to the point of penalty where Hector Hevel arrived to make his second goal and put the tables on the scoreboard. The scorer would no longer change despite the tricolour insistence. In the last minute of the match, a great play of the Andorran side was finished by Carlos Martinez with a bycicle kick that went straight to the left post of the RCD Espanyol goalkeeper. FC Andorra deserved the third goal and the victory, but that added its second point in the league.

Coach Statements

Evaluation of the tricolor coach Nacho Castro, after the draw in Prada de Moles against RCD Espanyol B

Flash Interview 

Statements by the tricolor scorer, Hector Hevel, after scoring two goals in the draw against RCD Espanyol B.

Next fixture 

FC Andorra will travel to Cornellà de Llobregat the next weekend to play the third league match of the season against UE Cornellà.