FC Andorra culminates “Sant Jordi Tricolor” contest, producing and distributing the winning book marks.

On April 23, FC Andorra organized the “Sant Jordi Tricolor” book point competition, which was very well received by all the fans who took part.

Even though, unfortunately, the events programated for the Sant Jordi Day (23 of July, 2020) were cancelled, FC Andorra has produced and distributed the winner’s bookmarks through all the bookstores and libraries of the country for free, as were explain on the rules of the contest.

That is why, as part of the prizes for the winners of the “Sant Jordi Tricolor” competition, FC Andorra has reproduced the winning points and distributed them to bookstores and libraries in the country free of charge, as indicated in the rules. of the contest.

FC Andorra wants to send a message of encouragement to all the sectors and the people affected by the COVID-19.