FC Andorra announces the “Sant Jordi Tricolor‘s” winners.

Last 23th april,2020,  FC Andorra organized the “Sant Jordi Tricolor” bookmark contest  to stimulate both kids and adults during the confinement. In addition, FC Andorra wanted to give visibility to the bookstore sector that has been heavily affected by the COVID-19. 

In the last weeks, FC Andorra has received a lot a bookmarks from different categories. All with the same guiding thread: blue, yellow and red. The colors that identify both FC Andorra and the andorran flag. 

FC Andorra would like to thank all the participants for the excellent reception  to the competition and want to encourage those who have not been awarded to participate next year.  

The bookmark contest jury has awarded both the originality of the illustrations presented and the tricolor thematic. The winners of each category are: 

  • From 4y.o to 8y.o: Leire C.M 
  • From 9 y.o to 11 y.o: Aitor M.C 
  • From 12 y.o to 15 y.o: Jorge C.B 
  • + 16 y.o: Sandra P.F 
  • Special mention: Pol. B.M 

The awards will be given in a league match in Prada de Moles, if the sanitary situation allows it. As was reflected on the contest rules, the winners bookmark’s will be printed and distributed to different libraries and bookstores all around the country.