Albert Llovera

Rally Driver

Albert llovera, andorran rally and motorsport driver, represents the values of the country that he’s taken it upon himself to broadcast around the world 

Ambition, teamwork and the spirit of self-improvement, are the values that FC Andorra identifies the most with and wants to convey, by the hand of Albert Llovera, to its players, from the academy to the first team.

Mimi Gutiérrez


Mireia Gutiérrez, andorran skier, broadcasts around the world the name of Andorra and the values of the andorran sport through the ski. 

FC Andorra wants to highlight her career path in a sport so identified with the country and above all emphasize the determination and perseverance to compete at high level for so many years, which is the goal of the tricolor club’s project.


Mari Martínez


Mari Martínez, andorran cyclist, has become the first person to represent Andorra in the World Transplant Games where she won two silver medals in both cycling modalities, route cycling and time-trial. 

Mari is an example of effort and self-improvement, values that FC Andorra’s project identifies with.

Vicky Jiménez

Tennis player

Victòria Jiménez, a young andorran tennis player, represents the effort and the constancy of the andorran people. 

She is a brilliantly talented athlete that has won the Junior Australian Open.